Central Europe, 1653.

The Holy Roman Empire and its neighbors struggle to recover from three decades of devastating conflict.

With millions dead through famine, pestilence, shot and sword, entire villages lie deserted. Bandits roam a lawless countryside. Treasuries of princes great and petty rest on the brink of ruin. Yet even beyond these all-too familiar horrors of war, dark rumors are whispered throughout this forsaken land… Rumors of forgotten rituals producing terrifying effects, and strange creatures from ancient tales come to life, stalking the forest gloom…

Der Hexenkessel is a Savage Worlds campaign set in Europe in the immediate aftermath of the Thirty Years War. The premise is that the immense death, destruction, and suffering of the war has somehow either produced or awakened from slumber menacing forces that had previously been relegated only to folktales.

Players will take the role of individuals who enjoy the patronage of Anton Ossa Edler von Siegen, an affluent but landless noble in the Holy Roman Empire’s Free Imperial City of Ravensburg. Von Siegen has more awareness than most of the authenticity (and danger) posed by the rising evil, and has recruited the characters as “monster hunters”, hand-picked to take direct action against the forces of darkness.

Der Hexenkessel

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