Anton Ossa, Edler von Siegen

Although confined to a wheelchair, von Siegen guides the characters in a struggle against the forces of darkness from his Ravensburg home.


DOB: February 17, 1613 (Age 40).

Wounded: Battle of Rheinfelden, 28 February 1638.

Ennobled Edler von Siegen: 3 August, 1649.


Son of a prosperous Mainz burgher, the young Anton Ossa gave indications at an early age that he was in possession of a keen and questioning mind. Upon turning twenty in 1633, he raised a regiment of infantry and entered Bavarian service. Struck in both legs by an enemy cannonball at the Battle of the Rheinfelden in 1638, he was initially left for dead on the field, but eventually was evacuated to a hospital where both of his legs were amputated above the knee. Shattered in body, but if anything stronger in spirit than before his injury, von Siegen designed and oversaw the construction of a wheeled chair that allowed him significant independent mobility. He relies upon the device to this day.

Unable to return to the battlefield, Ossa entered Imperial service, spending the remainder of the war turning his sharp intellect to the formidable problem of keeping the Emperor’s armies supplied with adequate munitions and powder. For his service, he was ennobled Edler von Siegen by Emperor Ferdinand III in 1649. By his own account, it was during this service, which brought him into contact with many individuals from diverse corners of the Empire and beyond, that he first heard the tales of strange happenings and creatures neither human nor animal trickling in from the countryside.

Too rational to greet such stories with immediate credulity, it was some time before he was convinced of their veracity, but ultimately he heard a sufficient number of credible reports, and spoke with enough perfectly lucid witnesses, that he became convinced. (Again, this is according to his own account).

Von Siegen was an Imperial delegate to the Westphalian Congress in 1648. When peace finally came to the Empire, he purchased a house in Ravensburg and turned his full attention to secretly investigating this growing menace.

Since the autumn of 1653, von Siegen has been in love with Katherine “Kat” Krempel.

Anton Ossa, Edler von Siegen

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