Letta Furius


Letta Furious was born in the Venetian Republic in 1625. Her father fought in the war and died shortly after her birth, never having known of her existence. Her mother died in childbirth, her last wish being she was named Letta after her dear aunt. Letta’s brothers, Ferdinando, age 14, Tomaso age 11 and Vincenzo, age 9 were determined to stay together as a family and raise her themselves. They knew it would be easier for everyone if she had been born a boy so they decided to raise her as a boy and gave her the name Nicola in honor of their father, Nicolo.

At 19 she joined the war effort and was successful in hiding her identity. Her fellow soldiers admired her skill with fire arms as well as with a sword. She was seemingly fearless in the face of danger and was able to exude confidence and intimidation in the most dire circumstances. She fought under the command of a man who was an old friend and comrade of Von Siegen. When Von Siegen sent out feelers for adventurers to work on his behalf, Nicola/Letta came highly recommended by this friend.

She accepted Von Siegen’s offer after revealing to him that she was really a woman. She hoped her new life would afford her the chance to be less guarded about her true identity. Von Siegen’s mysterious reference to seeking out artifacts, information and people for reasons unknown to her was highly intriguing. She accepted his offer with much excitement but against the wishes of her protective brothers.

Letta Furius

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