Ludovigo Terzago

Von Zähringen family retainer; victim of the Purifying Brotherhood of Eurymedon


Medium build, brown hair, blue eyes, waxed mustache. Age 44 at time of death.


Ludovigo Terzago was a retainer of the von Zähringen family of Bregenz. He was set to the task of finding a means of breaking the curse afflicting Maria Elisabeth von Zähringen, who one morning in February of 1647 awoke with the head of a rabbit. Ludovigo spent nearly two years traveling the length and breadth of Europe, from the Alps to Finland (and a meeting with Grandmother Stonetongue) to Poland, in an effort to find a means of dispelling the curse. Along the way his researches led him to acquire multiple arcane tomes, and this apparently brought him to the attention of the Purifying Brotherhood of Eurymedon. A man who, under interrogation by the von Siegen Four, identified himself as a member of that organization and who called himself “Johan” murdered Terzago in his bed in Landeck, the County of Tyrol, on 8 August 1653.

Terzago had succeeded in identifying an old von Zähringen family heirloom (a small beechwood sculpture of a unicorn) as key to dispelling the curse, and had obtained a scroll with the arcane formulae required to remove Maria Elisabeth’s affliction prior to his murder. He had arranged a transaction to obtain the unicorn sculpture for 18 Thalers from Hans-Friedrich Listing (whose family had purchased the item in 1578), and was waiting in Landeck for this transaction to be completed when he was killed.

Ludovigo Terzago

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